Challenger 350

Oh the possibilities in IF with a business jet!

Just voted, I would love this aircraft to be in the game!

How did I not find this topic sooner? Matt, I’ll be right back to free up a vote!

@AvioesEJogos Do you not like those wingtips wither?? They look just like the E175 ones!


Since there would be no Gulf Stream, I would have to go for this. An aircraft flown by a moderator would be accurate AF in the sim.

I hear by summoning @DeerCrusher to help with some inside push to get this plane!

Matt, that’s your queue!

Take the E-Jet for example, also once flown by Deer

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Not my call but would be cool to see a new business jet indeed. Just imagining all of the awesome routes


Why am I just now noticing this jet hahaha I’m so late 😆

Voted! Would love to see a new business jet in Infinite Flight. We don’t have much currently but this will be the perfect addition!

There’s not been a new Business jet since the Cessna Citation X back in 2014

Got my vote!

Matt, the only goal is to get this aircraft the most votes for a new biz jet

I saw some at KAPA today and they were lovely!

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I think it’s really hard between this and the global 7500 If it was my choice I would take the global

Happens to be where I took this one. Always fun flying into my home airport


Awesome picture

Matt that is a nice picture!

You got my vote. 😎

Come on community, lets get these votes up!


Well, here we are I guess !!!

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Aircraft in development. Anticipated to come after the Embraer 190. Please see the blog release for more information regarding this announcement.