Challenger 350

Challenger 350

Source: Turbosquid here

The #1 best selling business jet in the industry IS the Bombardier Challenger 350. With a range of over 3200nm and 7hr air time, it boasts the flexibility to fly speeds of that found in on an airliner and land on runways as short as 4000ft.

  • Range: 3200nm
  • Service Ceiling: 45,000ft
  • Normal Cruise: 315kts/M.82
  • Max Mach: 320kts/M.83
  • Endurance: 7:45hrs
  • MTOW: 40,600lbs (18,416kgs)
  • Passengers: up to 9 Passengers
  • Crew: 2 pilots + no flight attendant

Primary operators include but are not limited to NetJets US and Europe, FlexJet, and VistaJet.

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Yes please 😍

This has my vote, it would be sick to see another private jet in Infinite Flight!

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Amazing aircraft!!


Nice looking plane, would be a cool addition!

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That’s some strategic feature requesting


I dont think we need to question this

With how much people wanted the A350, imagine having two 350s in Infinite Flight. The world might just stop spinning temporarily.


Wait, really? Guess I’m out of this place then!

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yes! Mr. deer this definitely has my vote. I hope to see one day

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Few more images, for reference of the interior


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I would love to see this just voted right now

We already have the CRJ200 though

The comparison between the two are day and night. 😜


I mean, I got 2 votes back, It’s Deer Crusher future plane he’s going to fly so why not vote it!

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Safe to say @DeerCrusher is going to be logging a tonne of hours in the Challenger 350. Moving on up in the world, quite an accomplishment. Can’t wait to see some pics of you with some celebs and cool folks. Sending a vote your way!


Yes and then we are all suddenly launched at high speeds and then die and never get to see a 350