Challenger 350 Vista Jet livery

Since the Challenger 350 is coming soon I would love to see this livery along with it!

Saw this pop up and just knew I had to vote for it
Absolutely beautiful

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Welp, that happened fast! First Challenger 350-related request to pop up in my feed!

Unfortunately, I can’t vote for it as I’m out of votes.

Vista Jet is definitely a must it’s like not adding a generic livery to a jet 🤷🏽‍♂️

Flew this livery last Friday with @TRDubh although it wasn’t operated by Vista Jet. Absolutely beautiful. You got my vote


omg i see myself

also it’s a very pretty livery, it’s only right to vote for!

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Thread bump.

Very good livery! Voted! + bump

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