Challenger 350 Sundt Air «Red, white and blue»

Photo: Laszlo Fekete

With the Bombardier Challenger 350 in the pipeline, I would love to see Sundt Air reg. LN-JHH added to The IF fleet. Beautiful livery with the colors of the Norwegian flag 🇳🇴

Sundt Air is Norways largest operator of business jets and have several Challenger 350s.
Callsign: Midnight
Sundt Air link

It looks like my toothpaste, I like it.


Would love this

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Did not know that Sundt Air had Challenger 350. You are getting my vote, would love to have it in the sim as it would open up some new routes from Oslo Gardermoen (and other airports in Norway) with a realistic livery instead of a generic one.

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I really hope they include this.


You have my vote this would be great addition to the CL35 fleet need some fresh and new for us Norwegian players as well now

Bumping this up

Bump (K West1, Flickr)

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I really hope this will be one of the liveries on the Challenger 350

Just an example of how much diversity this livery will bring into the game if this livery is included

This feature request can also be closed