Challenger 350 Profiles Guide

Awesome, thanks!

I saw the max altitudes— do you have the optimum altitudes as well?

And started to stall

That information is also available on the Aircraft Information page:

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Hi @DeerCrusher, do you have CL35 Checklist?

I do. I’ve attached it below. Most of it we cannot do in Infinite Flight, but it should give you a good sense of how simple this plane is to operate.


Wow nice! Thank you @DeerCrusher!

fake it, 'till IF makes it

Not every flight can get you to 7000fpm. You’ll need to be quite light and at a climb power in the high 80s at a minimum. Don’t try beyond reasonable attempts to hit a certain V/S. Set you power and just modulate your pitch to keep the airspeed you want. Whatever V/S you get as your max is the max at that weight, altitude, and power setting.

A light CL can easily clock 7000fpm+ though without stalling. The secret lies in pilot technique.


Which engine do you start first or do we start them both at the same time as we do on the 787?

We start #2 then #1.


What is the point of these antennas on the yoke

Back in the old days paper charts were a thing… believe it or not, I know, shocking. Those little antennas are actually not antennas but rather chart supports so that your chart/paper wouldn’t go limp. Very simple yet effective design.


BAck in MY DAy…

I was right on the edge of having to use paper charts and using electronic charts when I started flying professionally. 😂 Nowadays, our charts are built into the plane and displayed on the MFD.

looks a little like this when the charts are displayed


I thought that the were chart supports and yes I’ve used paper charts before.

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@DeerCrusher do you ever get clearance to fly at FL450 when flying headings 180-359 or do you have to stop at FL400 due to RSVM ending

All the time. Pretty normal occurrance. The only time we don’t get up to FL450 is if there’s another bizjet occupying that altitude in the area or that would otherwise cause conflict

FL450 going west

FL450 going east


I usually preselect the %N1 needed at cruise altitude/IAS/weight + 3 to climb from FL100. It works well and yields realistic looking VS rates.

Absolutely love the challenger jet 😍

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