Challenger 350 // LuxAviation OO-WEG livery

Hello everyone, this is my first topic about features category,

  This post is dedicated to the future aircraft of infinite flight: the Challenger 350. I have just found a very chic and special livery to my taste, that of LuxAviation, a spiral gray and black background. What better? I would really like to see her in IF because I find her most beautiful and majestic.
But don't rush, here is some info on LuxAviation: 

LuxAviation is an belgium founded Privet Jet company. It was found in 1964, by André Ganshof in Belgium. Year after year, André travelled with his own planes to America, Africa… etc. And now LuxAviation is one of the best and biggest Privet Jets operator in the world. See more about them history here:

There is the different photos of that beauty:

Thank you for reading me!
Have an excellent day and flights!

gorgeous livery!


Yes I know!

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Hope this livery will be added really! So let’s everyone vote!

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A great livery here, I’ve spotted it at LGG a few months ago

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Yes ! Thank you for comment!

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