Challenger 350 - G-XATV Livery

To represent the United Kingdom, would be great to see G-XATV πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§, on the challenger when it comes.

Would be important to note and this reply can be copied elsewhere, the key difference between the Challenger 350 and a Challenger 300 are the wingtips. The 350 has the real slanted ones like the E175 and the 300 has the more conventional straight up and down wingtip.

As of right now, and being such fresh news, Infinite Flight has not mentioned anything about the Challenger 300, only the 350. Until we hear back regarding 300 liveries, I’ll go ahead and close this.

That said, keep a close eye on the wingtips when creating livery requests please and thank you. There are tons of represented countries out there and it’d be amazing to see a whole host of private liveries from all over the globe.