Challenger 350 Flightradar24 Livery

Credit: Flightradar24

You know it! You love it! That’s right, with the Challenger 350 coming soon I think we should add the Flightradar24 livery!

Honestly, it’s not a very good livery. It’s 3 coloured stripes and that’s it.

Draws comparisons to Condor’s new livery with the idea that a 5-year-old probably made it in 5 minutes using MS Paint.


Well look at most other livery requests for 350, just a color with some stripes. No point in what youre saying at all.


I have to disagree. It is a normal private jet livery thats it! I honestly don’t get your apparent reasoning.


compared to all the challenger 350 liveries out there, why would anyone waste a feature vote on this one

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Yeah i mean its not so iconic


  • Only current and permanent liveries for a specific airline may be requested, or if the airline is no longer flying, the permanent livery when it ceased operations (alliance liveries such as Oneworld and Star Alliance are also permitted)

Have to say it is quite a boring livery but I love the idea of a bit of a joke livery.

You could all be a bit nicer about this everyone.
But also could I draw your attention to this.

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this deserves a vote


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This topic should be closed.


i think it should be added 😋

This is why it should be closed. It’s not even an airline; therefore, it can’t be added.

Quite a poor argument when it comes to the world of private jets, considering only a few charter “airlines” exist that operate the 350. We’d miss out on some privately owned aircraft with beautiful paint schemes.

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it could be called Private 1 like the citation

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I don’t get why people need to argue about things like this. If you don’t like it - don’t vote. Move on. No need to force your opinion on everybody and get all worked up about it.

We approved it because it’s a bit outside of the box. It’s probably real on some aircraft somewhere. It’s not like private liveries are that imaginative anyway.


It is a nice livery, but it’s just fantasy livery so it doesn’t comply with the livery rules.

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This may be a simple livery, but simple is sometimes great! That is why this livery 1000% has my vote

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Thank you @VH-OEJ_747 Finally someone understands.

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It’s a private livery