Challenger 350 @FL400 to FL450

Hello, fellow aviators,

I’ve encountered a peculiar issue while flying the Challenger 350 and would greatly appreciate your insights and experiences.

During climbs to FL450 from approximately FL40, I’ve observed a noticeable loss of airspeed. Simultaneously, the N1 (engine fan speed) exceeds 92%. This behavior seems weird to me, and I’m reaching out to the community to understand if anyone else has encountered a similar issue or if there is something I am doing/missing that might be contributing to this behavior. My vs. is 400 from FL350 to FL450

Has anyone else experienced a similar issue with the Challenger 350 in this altitude range? and What could be the potential reasons for the airspeed loss and the N1 exceeding 92% during the climb?


Maybe you left your APU on during flight

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Welcome to the community!

Sometimes the sudden gust of headwind may cause this. If that was the scenario, the engine’s thrust was set to maintain a TAS previously and due to the wind change the N1 exceeded

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Nope I didn’t

This makes sense. Thank you

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Anytime. Thanks!

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