Challenge the longest flight by 767

Hi. I tried to have the longest IF 767 flight from LOWW to VTBD. Hope you enjoy(^o^)(^o^).

Flight time: 9 hours and 56 minutes

Route: LOWW to VTBD

Aircraft: B767-300 Air Canada Sorry I use the wrong airline, the original airline is Austrian Airline. hope you don't mind.

Takeoff RW: 11
Land RW: 3L

Flight map:

Low visible


Smoothly takeoff

Out of fog

Arriving Bangkok

Final with no player

Smoothly land

Hope u enjoy it!!

Which 767 route is the longest


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Hey there please follow this when you post so the last photo should not have anything from your HUD

Hello @Fung_Sum-sum!
You have to follow the #screenshots-and-videos Rules. You can find the Rules below.

No HUD’s or something like this may be seen there. This is best done in replay mode. There is an extra button for it.

I also recommend that you take the screenshots with the highest graphics. You just look better then. You can do this before you take the screenshot. Please pay attention next time.

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