Challenge | slowest takeoff in a Boeing 737 possible.

Upload your pics of taking off at the speeds of a Cessna! Can be any generation of the 737.
Get your name on the leaderboard! I’ll start:


  1. @The_Greatest_Basket
  2. @Kyle_Gabriel_Pelegri
  3. @Potato_pilot

Wait you said in the title 737 but in the post it said Cessna
Edit: never mind I realized it said speed of a Cessna
Anyway here’s my attempt. Using 100% trim, full flaps and power. It’s kind of embarrassing that my KleptoCats notification popped up just at the right moment…


I did it with no winds.

I did actually use trim, besides I don’t care. We all have different methods!
I don’t really know how the trim would affect it.

I could do 0 kts if a windbug occurs again in a region :)


Can we set winds? If Yes here is my attempt.

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Sorry about not being online. Yes you can use winds.

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