Challenge | Slowest Groundspeed 737 Landing

The challenge is to land the 737-700 with Slowest groundspeed possible.
You can set winds and weather.
You must show the groundspeed while approaching and during touchdown.
Take screenshots to prove your landing.



Does that mean it can be really firm landing?

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Yes, you can have one.
Mine was like 900 fpm…


This was so funny because I was playing with the winds then suddenly it went up to 90kts and bumpy ground speed was 3 knots on approach. When that happened the plane looked like it was stuck. Here’s my pics. Note: I did not crash.

The photos below are when the glitch happened, I was only 6kts ground speed.

No glitches used
I was so slow that the reverse thrust didn’t work


But that’s a 737-900

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I said 737-700 :)

Headwind to highest 49/50¿
Possible lowest weight “0”
Lowest possible temperature -"?"

What are the results for this!?anyone!!

Headwind to the fastest: 49kn
Weight: 0% load
Lowest temperature: -90
If you mean that.

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Sorry, I can’t read your post.

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Is it working now?

It says that you deleted your post.

Yes, because you couldn’t see it. There was no point behind its existence any longer.

Ah, okay. :)

The results…ground speed for those conditions

Depends on your altitude, airspeed and stuff.

What would be the least gs one can get on touchdown

I got 5 gs, dont have a pic though.
I think zero, but that would be almost impossible. :)

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Thats a vertical landing let me try it…i wasn’t in the mood then