Challenge: Make a Windows Application that can have someone control a position with ease!

What would be really cool is if one of the staff members who is a engineer can make a Application that can let me control on Infinite Live. So fun!

I think @DavidCutler was thinking of doing something like this.

It would be cool cause I only have an I phone.

You mean like a remote, wireless way of manipulating the controls in infinite flight? ie You’re on a global flight, and you leave it going while you’re at work/school but you get a notification if ATC contacts you etc or a periodic notification about the stats of the plane…

I’d thought about this idea before. Gimme a few weeks and I’ll see if I can get anything close to this once my GCSEs are over :P

EDIT: wait, windows app? On PC? You might want to talk to @carmalonso - he has done great things in terms of controlling IF from a PC :)

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I think he wants an ATC control application.

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Ah right, controlling from an windows app. Yes that makes sense!

Yeah. For example a good one that I use for VATSIM a lot is called VRC and is a great example.

Virtual Radar Controller

Unfortunately, my program has been delayed until further notice. We just don’t quite have all the essential items from the FDS team at this moment. Work should resume sometime within the year. When is another question.

The program currently being designed is based around VRC so expect similar features in it as well :)

Sweet! I’m excited for it!

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