Challenge: Land Into a Trench

Hi lads,

So, I randomly spawned into VOBI airport yesterday to do some T&Gs and realised it’s located inside a deep and narrow trench because of what has now been confirmed to be a glitch.

This in any case triggered talk of creating a challenge to take off / land into what makes VNLK look like an airport for amateurs. So, have some holiday fun and attempt to take off / land in this airport before it is fixed and post your best photos / videos! (Preferably videos!)

Please only do this on Casual Server and respect unicom as much as possible.


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Some IFATC friends and I went out 30min ago…

Was way harder than I thought to get out! Couldn’t do it with a jet, but was barely able to with a F-22.

I recommend everyone to try this out, it’s fun, challenging, and rewarding for completing!

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How deep is the trench estimated at?

You get a cookie if you guess the depth:: I think about 1400 feet

I could barely take off 😂

Managed to get out, turn around and assault land back onto the runway. Just a reminder, you gotta be very light.


I was able to takeoff and level off in a e170 but when I tried to land I could see a ghosted image of the runway but couldn’t get to it…bizarre!

Lol I saw this, i was on the free view camera awaiting your approach from the top. You can’t follow the normal approach, you literally just have to get to the beginning of the cliff and dive in vertically before trying to level off as you approach the ground and hope you’ll reduce your speed by the time you get to the end of the runway hahaha

Ha! I did see you waiting and figured this would go bad!

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Hahaha! Yes, but I’ve seen someone trying to take off 5 times with aircraft ranging from a Super D to a C-130 without any success so you’re deffo ahead of them! (Also props for making it out with an E170, quite the achievement.)

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You deserve an entire cookie jar!

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Video of my takeoff…


Half way up the trench

“Ten, ten… Forty” 😂😂😂



I managed to crash lol, Its at the end of the video at # 1


What makes the airport’s like that in IF?

@Boeing797 it’s when the elevation of the airport is incorrect in Infinite Flight’s airport database and the surrounding terrain is much higher than the airport itself (in this case 30ft ASL vs just below 2000ft)


I managed to take-off due to the F22s climb and engine abilities, but can’t land😂

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Just managed to take off in a 737-800 but the landing wasn’t too successful


I’m.going to try in the TBM soon. I don’t think they should fix this one. Its good to mess around on.


May I ask when this happened so I can do some research on this problem.

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