Challenge: Land at Lukla Airport but on Runway 24

This challenge got inspired by this topic here:

When I get bored in IF I try to find some challenges. This is the one I found today.

See, Landing into a trench was fun. However, you had the advantage of a long runway. My challenge might be a little easier, but it’s still not the easiest thing to do.

The goal: Land at Lukla Airport on Runway 24. I used the TBM 930 for it as it’s our newest and most realistic GA plane.


I crashed on my first try, the second try worked. Still not happy though as I had to do a U-Turn at the end of the runway.

Give it a go, I’m sure fore some of you this won’t be an issue at all!


The master is Mr. @AdamCallow.


Maybe some room for improvement?


I’ve landed on 24 most times I’ve been to Lulka.


Yeah I have tried but have made 3 go around

since this airport was built landing and take off are done in two different directions, and from what I could see in your video I would not say that you did it, because that turn that you did in the end, you would not do with an real aircraft.
but it was worth the try!

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“Inverted Flight Expert”… I’d love to see some of your replays one day. Sounds interesting and intriguing.

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Isn’t a go-around at Lukla the same as crashing into a giant rock?


I did it🎉


Well I pull up like 90 degrees(unrealistic) so no problem

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