Challenge in Flightradar24

Hello everyone,
In America, he has a lot of plane, I give you a challenge.


  1. The carte supposed to be like that
  2. Click in a place
  3. Write in the comment if you get plane or an airport
  4. say in the comment the company of the plane or the name of the airport.
    Good luck

I get American airline airbus a321-211


uhh… what

? What do you mean with that?

is this kind of thing allowed?

Excuse me but what?!

I think yes, because it is not in the rules of think I don’t can do it ( I think…)

i think that this should be in #real-world-aviation

Do you have a person can modify this for me plz I can’t do this

According to the category topic, #general should be used for Infinite Flight topics that don’t really fit in with a certain category.

Also, this doesn’t seem like this is really needed, I would just continue to post in FlightRadar24 Findings - [Part 3] as normal.


Only a moderator or admin can move a topic to #real-world-aviation.

I would suggest continuing in the topic linked by @Luke_Sta. However, your interest for engagement within the community is appreciated.

Have a nice day. 🙂


i think that this topic should sit in silence for 3 months.


Why you say that?

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because flightradar related stuff belongs to here


But why in silence of 3 months

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that is why


I know, but why be silence i know you well say to close this topic

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Not infinite flight related and doesn’t really fit into any other category.