[Challenge] How fast can you go. Around the World

I apologize in advance if this is not an acceptable topic. I messaged a mod to get blessings, and got no response.

How Fast and Far Can You Go . (Casual Server Only)

I saw a 380 doing 735 knots on Casual. It got me thinking… How fast can you get a heavy to go? I got 1124 in a 787-10 at level flight… no dive. But can you keep the speed up?

Yep . I did a pole over pole around the world with one stop in just under 24 hours.

So I propose everyone to go onto casual and see how fast you can go in a heavy. Plot around the world, and go for it!!. You will need to refuel, so plan accordingly. Polar or Equatorial is fine. Take a screen shot of your FlightMap so we can see it as a valid attempt, when you land at your starting point.

I think this could be fun. Target is under 24hours around the world. Casual server only of course.

Any takers?

I got from LA to NY is an F22 in 54 minutes once. So I think you can do it in live in maybe a few hours. As for live, you would need to do a lot of t and gs in order to keep up with the tremendous fuel burn. Also, this belongs in #live

If you can go fast enough you can beat someone’s record or make a completely new record here

If you go East bound around the Equator you should be able to take advantage of the rotation and go that bit faster over ground as well! Around the equator the winds aloaft are more gentle as well which helps!

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