Challenge accepted. @PhorzaSky

The 24 journey

Spain to new zealand.
A route so long, it’s a day long.
This route does not exist. Tho this is a challenge.
I had to keep an eye on the a350 for it to not stall randomly, but I finished the flight!

Flight Info

Duration: 23:45, 10584nm, A350 IBERIA, LEMD - NZAA, solo server

Takeoff from madrid

Start of the long journey.
Definetively not too long

Cruising over some beautiful mountains.

Just some beautiful mountains.

The last lights of the sun

About 4 hours into the flight, the sun went down.

Welcome to new zealand!

After 23 hours of flight, I saw New Zealand’s coasts and Mountains
New Zealand gives me LOTR vibes.

After a day…

Challenge completed.

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Today Is the saddest day of aviation, 9/11

Today, an act of terrorism fell on the World Trade Center 1 and two.
Remember to always conmemorate everybody who died there.
Thanks for reading.

  • Btw why does everyone fight in the comments of my flights?

@Mitisel what was the exact flight time?

Oh my… i forget the flight info once again :v

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Ill edit it now.

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Nice shots!! I absolutely love the editing you did in #5!

Thanks! I used the exposure brush!

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how much XP did you get?? I wanna see the flight log lol

I fly on solo because I can pause, so I got 0 xp

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did you really do the flight :p

Yes, I did.

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can i see the flight in the logbook :)

Ok! Ill take the screenshot!

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Looking for my tablet in the drawers.

Lol. He beat you

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@Mitisel great job absolutely crushing my record of 23:19

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Oops, how do i get that back

WELP i clicked the delete post.

How do i get the post back?
Do i simply post it again or is there any way to get it back?

Spot on pics👌. But Why did you fly on the solo server instead of casual/training/expert? You might have been able to get a bunch more XP