Chair Airlines A320-200

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Chair Airline Overivew

Chair Airlines, branded as chair, is a Swiss airline based at Zürich Airport (LSZH) with currently two A319-100’s and one A320-200 with a second one to join soon. The airline was formally known as Germania Flug before a rebranding in June 2019.

Chair used to have 3 A319-100’s. Unfortunately one was damaged in Naples during a maintenance check. This resulted in the aircraft being replaced with the A320-200. By the end of this year the Chair fleet is expected to have 2 A320-200’s and one A319-100.

Why this livery?

Whilst we do already have a few Swiss liveries in the sim, it’s either Swiss or Edelweiss. Chair is quite a unique airline and small airline. During peak Summer season they fly charter and scheduled flights to some destinations other airlines from Zürich don’t fly to. This would allow for a bit of variety for Zürich.

Chair A319

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As Chair Airlines being to phase out their A319’s, the airline now has 2 A320-200’s. HB-JOP & HB-JOK. Another A320 is due to arrive soon.

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The third A320-200 that’s due for Chair has been spotted with it’s new registration. The registration is HB-JOS. The aircraft had originally been planned to be delivered in April, but seems to have been delayed.

A fourth A320-200 is due to join the fleet early next year, with the last A319-100 to leave the fleet in 2024. This will make the fleet an all A320-200 fleet.


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