Chair Airlines A319

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I think this livery looks very nice and i hope this airplane livery comes to IF:

Picture: HB-JOJ | Airbus A319-112 | Chair Airlines | John Richard | JetPhotos

CHAIR airlines:
Chair airlines is a small airline from switzerland. The a319 is the only aircraft in the fleet.
Destinations: Basel, Beirut, Burgas, Calvi, Djerba, Geneva, Heraklion, Hurghada, Ibiza, Kos, Larnaca, Marsa Alam, Ohrid, Pristina, Rhodes, Sharm El Sheikh, Skopje, Split, Zadar and Zurich

I hope this livery comes to IF!
Thanks Helvetic27

Geneva ?! What ?
I never saw it here lol , it’s not even on wikipedia (chair routes) but good news I guess ^^


And I just read @Marc ‘s article about it, that’s interesting. I wasn’t aware of this change :p

CH Air :)

thanks and yes chair fly to geneva!

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Cute little one it’s to long ago since the a319 got any attention it deserves a new livery


i feel like making a joke about the airline name

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🪑 airlines


The name has a strange feeling read in French! 😉
Otherwise a nice livery!

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Actually it’s read separately: CH Air ^^ I guess ,
CH (🇨🇭) / Air (✈️)

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chair airlines: we don’t use normal plane seats… only chairs.

Yes, but it sounds like flesh to me…

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Yeah I know what you meant as I’m in the french part of Switzerland ^^


These are actually the rebranded remains of the Swiss subsidiary of the german airline Germania which went bankrupt a few years ago.

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thank you very much!

yeah and thank you!

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yeah thats right!