CH47 lifts a UH60


A California Army National Guard UH60M was in a remote area, that was inaccessible by maintenance vehicles when it was deemed to need maintenance during a training mission.So who do you call? The California Army National Guard’s UH60 bigger brother, The CH47F.


That shows the raw power of the Chinook! Simply stunning to see that. I think I’ve got you beat, though.


The MI26 is a beast of a machine. I would love to see one in person one day


So the UH60 was in a remote area, and it had to be flown for maintenance? What did they do with the UH60’s rotors?


Take them off lol they’re probably in the 47 or in the 60


Ah. Again, really, really cool to see!


Yeah! It’s not to often we get to see something like this happen so it’s really fun!


Well just call in the helicopter if you run out of fuel.😉 Seriously that is amazing but I would be concerned with the engine of the helicopter, even if it is designed for that duty. It’s just that the airplane concerns me with that weight compared to the durability and weight of the helicopter.


What specifically just curious =)


I can barely wrap my head around the scale of that thing! Aviation is neat


The exhaust, engine blade, etc.


These guys rig the Blackhawk pretty well and i bet it’s not damaged


Yes I know, but I would still have a little caution.🙂


Oh for sure! I know when we do insane Sling Loads like this we take every caution and discuss every movement before it ever goes down lol


Yeah. Well it’s cool anyways and a huge step forward for the aviation industry. I got to get off so have a good one and good night!


Hey man have a great night!!


dang… That can’t be easy to lift…