CFIT on-glide at ZUUU 02R

I just looked up an expired chart, and the runway 02R at ZUUU does appear to have a normal 3-degree approach angle.

For your reference: this is a real world approach at the same runway by an A321.

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At Approximately 1780 ASL/140AGL, very close (less than 1/4 miles) to runway end.

Probably bad glide scope…

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What exactly happened? Can you provide a replay so we can see exactly what you mean. Oh, and what runway was it to? Edit: I mean, I know you hit terrain, but how? Did the terrain suddenly appear? Or did the G/S just slowly giude you into it?

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That runway is notorious for its wall-like border that makes it impossible to have a normal glide slope landing and instead hit the terrain. There’s really no way to fix it unless we raise the airport height up from its normal height or expand the airport border

But idk if IFAE would allow it since it violates realisim

The G/S guides me into it.

I think the terrain 3D render was correct, but the raised part’s color blends in with the non-runway/grass part. I could tell until seconds before the crash.

I can’t agree more - we shouldn’t sacrifice reality just to make it easy.

But when it comes to reality, this is a real operating airport with many flights land on that runway. The real world does not look like that, otherwise this is a huge safety hazard.

Note: I just looked at an expired ZUUU chart, the runway does appear to have a normal 3-degree approach angle…

If this isn’t an issue that can be fixed quickly, it’d be great to have a NOTAM warning.

the best way to probably solve it is to expand the airport boundary

Its solves realisim and other issues and only costs real terrains

ZUUU has significant elevation variation over the entire airfield. Despite that the „wall“ issue infront of RWY02R could be solved. I have raised the airport to the chart elevation so that it should be fixed with next airport update cycle in IF

Tom, IFAET supervisor