CessnaSkylane’s ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ N/A

Good Afternoon/Evening,

I am working towards IFATC and I’m open to practice just about anything you throw at me.
Any feedback is excellent! I’m open to improvement so let me know everything on your mind about my controlling, thank you!

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Hey mate, check this:

Your Topic title, should be:
CessnaSkylane’s Tracking Thread @N/A - [Open]

@N/A = Where you’re going to control!


I’m going live at 1035 Zulu time!
Server: TS1 Global
Airport: KFFZ
Duration: ~45 minutes
Services: Ground and Tower

Now Closed


I’ll stop by for a bit.

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The Good

Excellent work handling ground.
Good job for telling me to make left traffic.

Things to Work On

Keep practicing sequencing. Sequencing is key when controlling, so the pilots know who to follow when in the pattern, and for arrivals.

When you cleared me, you said, “Cleared for the option, after the option, make left traffic”. However, you already implied to me in takeoff, (“Cleared for takeoff, make left traffic”), to make left traffic, so no need to tell me again, as the pilot will easily assume they will make left traffic.

Overall, I can see you being IFATC one day, keep practicing, and you’ll be there! Always listen to feedback, it’ll help you in the long run. 👍

Make sure to use the link here, to help sharpen your skills at ATC.


Hey there! Here are my comments:

  1. When someone is doing patterns, there is no need to tell them enter left/right downwind after takeoff. You indicated the direction in the takeoff clearance. It’s redundant to repeat it unless you are changing the runway.

  1. Always give a sequence because it indicates to us who we are following. After the sequence, you clear.

  1. I know you had separation in mind when you sent “I’ll call your base”. Your usage of it was okay to me. Sometimes you can trust your pilots to keep distance.

  1. Your usage of speed commands were also okay.

Overall, it was a job well done. It is a recommended to watch the many tutorials and threads about ATC on the forum. I wish to see you in IFATC soon. Take care!

I was M-ILK by the way.


Hey there. I was EC-DCP.

  • You need sequence all planes in the pattern, before every clearance, for know who follow who. Sequence then clearance.

  • Stay tunned at you radar screen. If aircraft is below 60kts. on runway, tell “exit runway comand”.

Sorry @CessnaSkylane, I forgot this point, and edit my post.

  • I take off from 22L make right traffic, sequence was good, but forget give me new pattern direction (left/right). Remember say this when runway change, only in 1st. clearance (number 2 cleared for the option, make right traffic).

Your skills are not bad, but need a little more work. Watch ATC tutorials on Youtube for more info. They help you surely.

Regards. Dani.


Thank you very much for the feedback! Will take it into consideration next time I do ATC.


Good evening, I plan to work KFFZ on the training server once more at 130 UTC. I want to work on sequencing this time because that was my biggest mistake area. It would also me nice if someone could do transitions and full stops so I can work on the frequency change and exit commands. To clarify I won’t be on until 1:30 Zulu time.

Airport: KFFZ Falcon Field Airport
Duration: ~ 1 Hour
Server: TS1
Time start to end: 6:30-7:30 MST 1:30-2:30
Services: Ground and Tower
Goals: Correct sequencing, frequency changes, and transitions.

(Thank you for everyone who gave feedback for my first try)


Now online.


No complaints from me!

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Hey, great job! I was flying as N492JG. Overall you were very professional. Couple of things:

  • I don’t understand why you had everyone land on 22R when 22L was completely empty. This definitely caused congestion in the airspace.

  • When giving runway crossing instructions you should always refer to the runway heading that is currently being used. (Ex: you told me to cross runway 4R, you should’ve said runway 22L because that’s the runway that was being used)

All good now :)
Btw…forget my exit runway comand.

I think he was practicing sequencing with all aircrafts on the same runway…

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Like @DaniCP said, I think he is practicing sequencing.

Oh ok I see. I just hope that he won’t do this on expert ;)

Thanks for the pattern work friend! Sorry the second landing was awful. May have had a libation after work but couldn’t resist your ATC offer.



Nothing wrong with a good drink, thanks for joining me :)

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Yes, I wouldn’t do that in expert, I was working on having a congested airspace and sequencing. Sequencing is my biggest issue so I’m working on judging aircraft movement and ironing out the bugs in my sequencing.

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N426C here. Apologies for the scrap heaps I made of the SR-22 and C172… For whatever reason my controls were unresponsive.

I can only offer one tidbit and that is to wait for your pilot to contact TWR when ready since that was the last instruction I was given.

Thanks for the service!

Your title still shows as [OPEN] after your last post, 13 hours ago.
Some seriously long session!

(I have corrected your thread’s title. Please keep it up-to-date to avoid pilots spawning for you, without you there)

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