Cessnas to Southern Italy [FINISHED]

I was wondering if anyone was up for some flying to Italy in Cessna 208s and a 737-900. A mod can close this topic in a while but I am asking around if anyone would like to fly.

Server: Casual

DEST2: LIRN (Flown to in 737-900 BBJ)

feel free to let me know if you are available :)


Shouldn’t this be #live:events ?

Anyway I would suggest not doing a flight in casual, too many mean people

ok then, ts1 or xpert. it isn’t in events as it isn’t an event.

Expert would be much much better if you want people to do a flight. No one is going to intentionally cut you off, no atc is going to say ‘continue taxi’ when you request a pushback

ok then. anyway, you down for it?

Nah sorry, I need to make final packing for holidays

Why are you forcing him to use Expert? Let him choose next time when it’s his event! XD

I was advising what he should have used for his event. If you’re Grade 3 or above you really should never touch anything except the Expert, trust me, the people on TS are worse than you remember

I did some patterns and slow flight yesterday on TS1 at KMYF and it was fine lol

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