Cessna T-37 Tweet

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The Cessna T-37 Tweet is a small, economical twin-engined jet trainer that flew for decades as a primary trainer for the United States Air Force and in the air forces of several other nations. The T-37 served as the U.S Air Force’s primary pilot training aircraft for over 52 years after its first flight.

I would like to see this in InfiniteFlight as i would be a cool little jet to fly around and have fun in while flying around the sim, it would also be cool to see this added to the Cessna fleet we already have in InfiniteFlight as in my opinion we could use some more smaller aircraft in InfiniteFlight to do flights in.


  • Crew: 2

  • Length: 29 ft 3 in (8.92 m)

  • Wingspan: 33ft 99.3 in (12.581 m)

  • Height: 9 ft 2 in (2.79 m)

  • Wing area: 201 sq ft (18.7 m2)

  • Aspect ratio: 6.2:1

  • Airfoil: NACA 2418 at root, NACA 2412 at tip

  • Empty weight: 4,056 lb (1,840 kg)

  • Max takeoff weight: 6,574 lb (2,982 kg)

  • Powerplant: 2 × Continetal-Teledyne J69-T25 turbojets, 1,025 lbf (4.56 kN) thrust each


  • Maximum speed: 425 mph (684 km/h, 369 kn)

  • Cruise speed: 360 mph (580 km/h, 310 kn) at 35,000 ft (11,000 m)

  • Stall speed: 85 mph (137 km/h, 74 kn)

  • Range: 932 mi (1,500 km, 810 nmi)

  • Service ceiling: 38,700 ft (11,800 m)

  • Rate of climb: 3,370 ft/min (17.1 m/s)

Credit for the picture goes to the wikipedia page
Cessna T-37 Tweet - Wikipedia

Wow, I would love to see this in IF soon! Definitely gonna put a vote down for this.

(p.s. make sure to vote for your own topic!)


Out of votes sadly. Thanks for the vote.


It’s about time we got a trainer jet in IF! You have my support on this, I’d love to take it out flying now and then!

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Yeah it would be fun to do all kinds of stuff in

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