Cessna SkyCourier

Hello Community! So, as some of you know, Cessna just launched the new Cessna SkyCourier. The SkyCourier is planned to be in service by 2020 with FedEx. The SkyCourier is planned to hold up to 19 passengers and hold a Maximum weight of 6,000 lbs. The SkyCourier is also planned to fly around 230 miles per hour and fly up to 1000 miles. This aircraft will most likely be used for mainly cargo an passenger transport.
To discuss more about the SkyCourier please go here:

Not surprised this was coming… It’s really beautiful and the engines are nice. The C208 is just too underpowered.


Very Interesting, it’s like a cross between a C208 and Dash-8 100. I wish I could vote, but I’m out:-(


Very nice! Debating about this or the ATR-72

In case you missed it in the #real-world-aviation topic, here are some photos:


Thanks for the link to my thread!

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Your welcome. I wanted to make sure you got credit for introducing the plane to the community.

That airplane is beautiful! :)


A cargo Cessena? Yes please!

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In the midst of the havoc going on in the world, this aircraft made its first test flight a few days ago. Figured it was worth sharing. Being that the topic is over 2 years old, I will sell this topic to the highest bidder who wants to remake it. Let me know and it will be sold (closed). You will receive a vote from me if you do. Looks like it’d be such a fun plane to fly. 😁


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