Cessna question compared to real life

Is the cessna overly sensitive to what it is like in real life? Where it seems to be easier to fly in real life. I think it is but I am not sure if it is just me or not.

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Depends on the model. Different models have different wing loading ratio.

I fly the Cessna 172 as one of my primary training aircraft in real life. Overall, I find the Infinite Flight C172 quite spot-on to the real life specs!

Try to follow the real life Cessna 172SP Pilot Operating Handbook (POH): that’s the variant that the Cessna 172 Skyhawk is based on in Infinite Flight. While it’s sensitive in the app, it’s almost as sensitive in real life (if you don’t treat it correctly). The developers did an amazing job making sure that everything is spot on - but as usual, if you find any bugs/inaccuracies; feel free to report them in #support.

I’d highly recommend putting in gentle back pressure around 55kts (Rotation Speed - vR) or until you’re airborne. Gradually pitch up and then accelerate to 76kts and pitch for your best rate of climb (Vy). Please keep in mind that temperature and weight will have a major impact on your climb performance and sensitivity of your control inputs will certainly affect this.

While the C172 is much different from an airliner, there are a ton of resources to use. If you need any assistance, please reach out.


well I fly the cessna 172 as well but I just find the cessna in infinite flight just over sensitive. Like I said I dont know if its me or what.

Did you make sure your sensitivity isn’t really high?

its on the default setting I do not know if that makes the cessna oversensitive

How much time do you have in the IF 172?

One thing that’s hard to simulate with (particularly mobile) flight simulators is the pressure the flight controls exert back — if you move the yoke of a 172 on the ground, it resists far less than if you move it while flying.

I think this is part of the issue — the yoke and your device respond very differently when you input control movements. I think the best thing to do is to keep practicing and adjust the sensitivity until you get a feel for it.


Not very much. I have just gotten frustrated and have not tried it for a while. but I will try playing with the sensitivity thank you

Practice makes perfect! I’d recommend going on solo and just grinding out a bunch of landings from short final. Keep it at 70 knots, once you have the field made pull the power, hold it off in ground effect, grease it on down.


Nothing feels the same as real life. There is no feedback but I would say it feels similar. Unfortunately I’ve flown 3 aircraft in my PPL training.

The C172 is my least favorite behind the C150 and Piper Warrior II. It flies great but I don’t like it because you can’t see the runway while turning base. It does feel similar except slipping doesn’t work in IF.

The one I like the most is the C150A it just floats off the runway. I can float it down to the runway pretty easy stopping before the first taxiway.

I’m a Cessna 172 pilot myself and I feel that it’s slightly easier in Infinite Flight purely because the trim cannot be changed as fast and accurately than real life. Also in real life when you’re landing, pulling back fare enough can sometimes be tricky and requires a lot of strength.
So for those reasons, I’d say Infinite Flight is easier.

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