Cessna landing help

Just wondering when do you go power idle in a Cessna on landing?

I usually do it when I am over the threshold but it all depends on speed.

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I find it slams into the ground when you do that.

Are you coming in to slow or to high?

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I usually set the throttle to idle just 10 feet above the runway.

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Usually 60 knots and I’m on the glide slope sometimes a bit high.

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I recommend coming in at around 65-70 knots then try to touchdown at 60 right when the stall horn starts.

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This is a good tutorial to take a look at. πŸ™‚


One thing I learned when I had my first irl night flights, it does help to increase the throttle a bit so the plane gets a bit of acceleration instead of stalling 10 feet above the runway.
Also check out the video Deer linked. It’s very helpful.

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