Cessna in space - don't believe me? take a look

yes, you read that right. I proudly present the future of spaceflight - the Cessna. with it’s incredible top speed of 302 km/h and it’s incredible pressurised cabin, it sure is the future of spaceflight.

beginning with a somewhat hairy ascent thousands and thousands of feet up in the air followed by spectacular views across the globe, with an instant descent and a smooth touchdown back home you’re guaranteed to love it.

anyway - who needs a Tesla to fly into space when you’ve got a Cessna?

still not sold on the idea…? these quick snaps will for sure change your mind ;)

(you’ve got to admit that the views are pretty awesome)

anyhow I’ve popped the link in for the replay file below if any of you future astronauts want to take flight :)

This replay (below) is the one where I go into really deep space (it’s pretty awesome if you wanna check it out) →

did I mention I still landed the plane after the rather unusual flight…? (it is a round ticket)


Laws of Physics: Exists

This Cessna 172: “We don’t do that here.”


Nobody :

C172 : breaks the laws of physics



Some out of this world shots you have there, however the last one doesn’t follow the rules for the #screenshots-and-videos category:

Feel free to crop or remove this photo to avoid the topic being closed.

Just a tip, you can press that little camera icon on the replay mode bar to get HD photos and it removes all the HUD views, unwanted tags etc.

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hey dude - yeh i was just showing how crazy the altitude went on that last one hahaha but i’ll crop out the bottom scrubber :)

No worries, 1.2 million feet in the air is high 😂

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Its cool, but physics gone away))

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the cessna and physics have a special relationship 😉

how did you do that i really wanna try that

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Wow Ive been to space before! So You go on Final Approach to lukla runway 24!

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I just wanted to practice a crosswind landing for my solo hahaha the whole space thing was completely accidental!!

I just jumped in on solo and set up an approach at EGTR (Elstree Airdrome) runway 08 and when I loaded in I wanted to adjust the weather for a big crosswind. I had the game paused for probably 40ish seconds while I was playing about with the weather getting the angle of the wind, gusting speed etc right to make a crosswind.

so what I think happened (im pretty sure at least) is while the game was paused the recording had some bug where it kept ascending the aircraft at crazy speeds, but while I was flying I didn’t notice it. Once I had finished playing with the weather the aircraft was how I had left it. I went on to practice my landing and landed it and then I went to the reply file to review my landing and see how smooth it was and get some pointers and self-feedback etc.

Anyway, I open the replay file expecting a normal repay (as I had been flying it in the game) and I start the replay and while I had the game paused, in the replay the aircraft started shooting up and tbh I really wasn’t complaining as it was super cool!!

So if you want to try it - try solo mode on approach into runway 08 at EGTR and leave the game paused for 40/60seconds and fly about a bit and then exit and have a look at the replay file… and you never know ;)

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space is so cool right!! I mean we’re basically fellow astronauts ;)

I was doing it at EGTR runway 08 but it will probably work at most airports…? I think its more of a bug with the replay system rather than the actual airport itself!

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okay so I had to update this - we’ve progressed into more… deep space flight…

and that’s not even as high as we’ve got…

leaving the earth’s sphere of influence…

see that tiny blue dot? yep - that’s earth ;)

and if there is (i’m not sure) but this must be a record for the highest flight ever flown in infinite flight??

see you guys on mars



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this is just my application form for them !!

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Haha, what are doing this Cessna in the biggest and deep space 😅

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garmin nav system went a bit haywire 😉

I believe this is going to be the future of space flight, why create SpaceX rockets and Space Shuttles when you got a Cessna 😂😂

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elon is really missing out on something here hahahaha


the fuel efficient way to space

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