Cessna hopping

hello, again I really don’t have much to say. But I’ll try to say more than last time. @Tsumia invited me today to do some local flying between airports in Hawaii

I accepted it and we flew 3 flights in a Cessna (I can’t fly Cessna)
First leg was Hilo-PHUP, the second PHUP-Kahului and the third flight was Kahului-Molokai.
It was lots of fun and I wanna thank @Tsumia for inviting me on this trip.

Flight Information

plane: Cessna 172 Skyhawk.


this is an image from @Tsumia

Us arriving at PHUP

Flying through the Kahului mountains

Taxiing to gate

image from @Tsumia. On our way to Molokai

Still on our way.

I want to thank you for viewing and enjoy your day :)🛫

tell me which one is your favorite :)


Great shots! Was very fun flying with you.


The second and the last one are amazing!


It indeed was, hope to do something like this again soon.

@Edoardo_C thanks😊


Great shots I really like them, I saw the last pic on you’re IG! 🙌🏽

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Thanks 😊
Yeah, imo the last one was the best so I posted it on Insta😂

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Those are # epic

And the big island with Hawaii! Awesome shots

I guess the big epic won’t work

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Thank you very much😊

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Works for me

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Those are sick! Made me wanna fly cessna even tho i couldn’t!

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If anyone else is down for a similar thing I’d love to, just lemme know.

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Love the images, especially the first one…

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Beautiful pics!

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Thanks, I can’t fly the Cessna either though…

@Mr-plane-guy1, @AlphaWings thanks 😊

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Some lovely pictures there mate, well done, I liked the first shot of the scenery.

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Thanks mate 😊

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These shots are phenominal! Inspired to do some more flying in the 172. Nice job!

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Thanks mate, the Cessna is truly an amazing aircraft 😊