Cessna Group flight *FULL* 22MAY24

Welcome back to the small city of Peoria, Illinois. This is a small airport, but has a lot to offer. During this group flight you will explore the greatness of Central Illinois and Eastern Iowa. We will be flying from Peoria (KPIA) to Davenport, Iowa (KDVN). These 2 very unknown airports will be known during this flight. Have a great flight!!

KDVN/Davenport Municipal General ...
General Downing - Peoria International ...

Basic event rules

  1. No Trolling
  2. Follow all ATC Instructions
  3. if no ATC then follow the METAR
  4. I am not responsible for any violations
  5. Have Fun!!

Server: Expert

Airport: KPIA-KDVN

Time: 2024-05-22T21:00:00Z2024-05-22T22:00:00Z

Aircraft: C172 (any livery)


ATC at PIA Username
ATIS @Damian_Lukes
Ground @Damian_Lukes
Tower @Damian_Lukes
ATC at DVN Username

Gate Assignments (2 gates left):

Gate Aircraft livery Username
GA1 C172 Default @ElYuainXD
GA2 C172 Embry Riddle @JKAN
GA3 C172 F-HATZ @Random_AviatorYT
GA4 C172 N1322K @Takahiro
GA5 C172 Yellow-blue @Anthony_Gulluscio
GA6 C172 Near North Aviation @scorp
GA7 C172 IF 10 year anniversary @Fred_pilot
Executive hanger 1 C172 Civil Air Patrol @MAviationYT
Executive hanger 2 C172 N456DX @Skyler.Cooper

Too early for me hope you still get signups tho


No problem. Hopefully you can join some other time


Sign me up please!

I will use the Default Livery.

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Thanks. You’re signed up

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I’m joining your other fly-out anyway💪

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Did you read my message about the time?

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sign me up!

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You’re all good now!

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Sign me up ✔️

Sign me up

Both of you are signed up. @Random_AviatorYT i put you at GA ramp 3 if thats fine.

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Im good with that

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Still time to sign up! Only 3 spots left

I’ll take this please!! Hope we get atc coverage

Sad neither of these airports are in 3d :(
R we flying VFR free handed? If so, that’s what I’d call a good time in a Cessna lol

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You’re signed up. I plan to have autopilot but you can handfly if you want. I know it’s sad none of these airports are 3D :(

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there’s still 3 weeks to sign up but only 2 spots left!

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and a lil bump!

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another event bump. only 2 spots left

A little bump. Only 2 spots to go. Time is running out