Cessna Crashes in Los Angeles: A simple aviation accident turns into a sudden mystery.

My Words: While this may seem like a minor incident (even though it killed people on the ground) this accident has spiraled into a sort of mystery with new information blooming every day. A history of reckless flying, a suspended license and a stolen Chicago police badge, what happened on Superbowl Sunday?

This is easily the most covered aviation incident in Southern California in a long time.

I understand that the mods don’t like posts about small local accidents, but I just found this one to be so interesting that I have to share it with the community.


I take it the FAA is looking more into his background? (Also Yorba Linda is in OC, not LA)

Both incidents occurred around 40 years ago. Of course, what he did back then was stupid. But it was 40 years ago. Calling this a „history of reckless flying“ seems a bit exaggerated.

And regarding that badge: He probably bought it of a flea market and told a nice story about it.

We’ll know more when the investigation report will be published.

I also had read his license has been suspended for over 2 years.

More will be reviled soon.

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Seems like if you don’t live in So Cal then you think OC is in LA

I’m a resident of Pasadena, California. Yorba Linda is sort of borderline but is more in Orange County. I just say LA since it’s in that vicinity.

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