Cessna Citation X Vs. CRJ 200

Hello. Which one of these planes would be better for private flying in IF, in terms of capacity, range, and speed etc…, the Cessna Citation or the updated CRJ 200 when it comes out? (I didn’t really know which category to put this in) If there is missing info, you can ask me a question, or if this topic can be resolved easily, you can delete it.

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The CRJ-200 is meant to be a small regional airliner. The Citation is meant to be a business jet. Therefore, I would consider the Citation to be better for private flights. The CRJ series aircraft do sort of resemble the Bombardier Global Express, but are nowhere near in terms of range.


What about in terms of space/capacity?

The Cessna has amazing range, I’ve done flights from the East coast of the US to the middle East.


The answer is above. The passenger plane will obviously have more space onboard.

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So in terms of range, the cessna wins, but in terms of space, the CRJ would win

What about the CRJ 700 or 900? Is it the same deal?

I love the Citation X. I use it for both regional flights as well as long hauls. A few weeks ago I did a CCX flight from KTEB to LLBG


I prefer the Citation X. Tons of unique liveries to choose from, and there aren’t really assigned airports for it to fly into.

C750 is great. You can also do some nice hauls with it.

Runway length is a factor.
X only needs 5600 ft takeoff.
Also Airbus 318 ACJ, Boeing 737 BBJ, and 737-900 has a private livery. They require 7000 ft for commercial but private weighs less and needs less.

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Mmm, for domestic and regional routes the CRJ-200 is meant for that however the Cessna is a private aircraft and can fly international routes. I believe dont quote me on this but the Citation has longer range for fuel

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Citation all the way. Amazingly versatile aircraft.

To be honest, the CRJ-200 because I don’t really like Private or Corporate Flights but I love regional…

The CRJ family is based off of the Challenger 600 business jet series but with notable differences. The main one being the CRJ100 and 200 are larger. Larger aircraft less base range even without passengers. With more passengers and cargo even less than. This results in the CRJ having just over 1/4 of the range the Challenger series has. The CCX is purely a business/executive jet and was developed from other pure business jets Cessna produced.

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