Cessna Citation X To End Production

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“The Citation X platform has a storied heritage within the Citation brand and has become a beloved aircraft by operators and passengers alike as the fastest civilian aircraft in the world," the statement said. "With the upcoming entry into service of the Citation Longitude, we are taking the opportunity to minimize overlap within this customer segment and discontinuing production of the Citation X+." - Company Itself

My Words:

I’m not in touch with the whole GA world or even company/private jet world as I’m a comemrial Guy, but what are your thoughts on this? The Cessna Citation X has always been an iconic image of private jet and to see them ending it brings some interesting thoughts to the forefront.

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What is Cessna replacing it with?

It’s going to be sad to see it go. Such an icon.


@anon66442947 it’s okay I will help you get through this tough time.


Yeah, do they have something else to market? Would be a little weird to see an aircraft just go without a newer version to sell (or at least in development).

The answer was already there, skipped over a few words, lol. Thanks @sk28


The Citation Longitude - stated above in the post.




It’s actually really surprising to hear this, although if they have a better one available/in the works, it makes sense.

I don’t know much about the Citation Longitude, is it a worthy replacement? If they are ending the production of the Citation X, whatever replaces it better be G O O D

I didn’t see this coming at all, but things like this have to happen to keep the industry moving forward I guess

@Trio Sorry mate…

This was really unexpected. I will definitely miss this icon in the skies! At least we still have it in Infinite Flight…

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This is an amazing jet so sad to see it leave.

No! Me and @Trio are not having a good day! Hoping to see what Cessna replaces it with.

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Real pity! Look for Gulfstream to take over the new top spot. Cessna wasn’t going to let the Gulfstream beat them and made the X+ just to have the last laugh. If you are interested , follow a friend of mine who flies the X on Instagram

On the ramp at Denver today

Like many people cant afford them and banks lease them out there’s only so many the banks want

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