Cessna Citation X taxi speed

After installing the latest update, I noticed that using the Cessna Citation aircraft exhibits a strange
glitch. When i release the brake with 0% throttle the aircraft progressively increases ground speed. Has anybody noticed or experienced the same glitch?

Using version - IpadPro1




The same goes for the 747 and 777, which have powerful engines. Just apply the brakes whenever you stoop.


This would happen in reallife to if the aircraft was on a gradient. You need to remember just how heavy there birds are.

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Some aircraft do that in IF. Usually its aircraft with high thrust to weight ratio such as the 744, 748, 77W, and 763, the CCX must have made that list this update then.

Just taxing it right now…that’s true!but i don’t find anything wrong with that!Actually maybe you should be thanking the devs instead

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Not sure that I agree. Just personal preference I suppose.

Mike Rankin

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The engines on these planes are powerful. And as the engines give 20% N1 when idle, they are enough to push the plane.

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