Cessna Citation X(+) Rework

Great idea. Well presented. Would love to see APPR added to the list of features requested. Would be fun to fly a smaller jet.

As someone who loves business jets it’s really sad the Citation X is the only (purpose built) biz jet in IF at the moment, but before they fix that problem (hopefully), we should vote to rework the one we’ve got 🤞🛩 #Voted


Totally agree with you and I wish they could add more jets that suit the purpose


Got to get the Target C750! The red looks so slick.


We so need a rework for this aircraft. I currently don’t have any free votes for this but once one opens, I will definitely be voting for this beauty of an aircraft!

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We need some type of fly able Business jet either a citation rework or a Gulfstream Addition just something

I know Gulfstream just unveiled their new Gulfstream G800 and G400 jets on October 4th. that would be nice. However, a Citation rework would be even more welcomed.


We need XoJet on here, you definitely have my vote.