Cessna Citation X(+) Rework


Awesome post! 👏

One of the best feature requests I’ve seen in a while. Well formatted and detailed!


I would also like to see this rework, I use the X citation a lot and I miss some things in it, congratulations won my vote, it really is an incredible airplane


Don’t forget the incorrect cut-off winglets that need to be replaced. 😉 by the way I already voted a while back; great request.


They should honestly change the engine sound since the Citation X has low bypass engines


Honestly the Citation X is not one of my favorite airplanes, but I like too much your thread, very well done!


Now that I just read that an IFR landing at night has been completed successfully by GAF @Playr_Mar in the reworked A-10… that should begin to be added to other aircraft so l think the Citation X would be a good choice to add it to because of it’s range and versatility to land on 5K or less runways


I think we should get 1 more business jet and it’s a cc2. Then for prop ga a small twin engine. Maybe the c337.


I could definitely get used to seeing something like this in IF or what do you think?

  • Yes absolutely!
  • Nope, I don’t like flying with style and speed.

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These two in my opinion should be linked 😉

**** I forgot to add: I’d rather have more reworks for current aircraft than add completely new ones.