Cessna Citation X Moving by itself?

This may sound very confusing, but it actually happened.

I hopped in the Casual Server to do some touch and go’s. I pushed back on the Citation X, and as I pressed “stop pushback”, the button was stuck on “stopping pushback” and the Citation X started moving forward pretty quickly. Brakes didnt work, flaps didn’t work, heck even reverses didn’t slow it down. The plane only stopped when it launched me off a hill and broke my front gear. Good thing this wasnt on the exper server lol.

Can someone explain this?

(Replay vid coming soon)


Physics are out of date. Mostly you put 0% on the throttle and the aircraft moves on its own. It’s very light aircraft or the engines are powerful.


The engines N1% maxes out at 117% to 118% N1 when it should only be going up to 104% N1. Also does it happen on any other aircraft?

Never happened to me on any other plane, that’s why this really confused me. Good thing I wasn’t on the Expert Server or I would’ve been reported for sure

I’ve had this issue happen to me on the dash-8, can’t recall the circumstances though.

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