Cessna Citation Wingtip Cut-Off

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The wingtip on the Cessna Citation X on Infinite Flight seems cut short.

Here’s the comparison:

In real life:


And in Infinite Flight:

There is a noticible difference in the wingtip height.
This would be epic if this could be fixed (or a rework in general)

The CCX doesn’t need a full rework, just the wingtips can be fixed. And this sounds like a feature request.


Hmm, you are right I’ll change this to a feature request :)

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This was already requested a while ago would definitely be a cool addition for the citation


That is closed. That’s why I made this one.


If it does get a rework, I would see the addition of the Citation III/IV/VI/VII, Citation Excel and Citation Sovereign. Therefore a complete overhaul would be necessary. I like Private Jets, and more models of them would nice. I’m quite bored with the existing Private Jets being the BBJ1, ACJ318 and the CCX (The BBJ Liveries on the B739 and B748 if you insist too).


that is true also on the turbine exaust there is a wall and the horizontal section its supposed to move entirely for trim

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If I have closed it recently (or at all), this new topic is not a duplicate. No need to do this again unless it is an actual duplicate (:

It would be interesting to know why this was the case in the first place.


True, I was more pointing out that topic to show that many other people would like to see this fixed as well.

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This is definitely a must-have. I don’t know why they did it in the first place.


The wingtips are fine, it’s just the angle

No, they are alot smaller.

Could be an Easter egg to a certain mid air collision

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