Cessna Citation round trip @ KLAX - 051600ZJUN16

Starts @1600 June 5th in KLAX-KNUC-KSAN-KLAX

Server: ATC Playground

Region: Southern California

Airport: KLAX

Time: 1600

NOTAM: Add important event information here


Please put this into proper event format…

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What day is this?

I’m guessing today. Not sure. We can’t fill out the format without it

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It’s in the proper format now. Let me know if the date changes

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It can’t be today - 1600Z already passed. I presume it’s for tomorrow.

Time? Noon? Or

1600Z is 42 minutes away


Sorry I may be wrong but according to my zulú time watch it is still 40 minutos to.

Bro. 42 or 40, it’s still there… As long as you know that 1600Z is the next hour, my job is done…

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