Cessna Citation Mustang

The Cessna Citation Mustang

The Cessna Citation Mustang is a beautiful aircraft and it is not yet in IF :( It is a very light private jet made by Cessna. My friends dad flys this plane all the time and is an awesome plane. I think this would be a really fun plane to fly in the sim because I got the exact plane in X Plane 11 and it is very fun to fly. IF always makes high quality planes so I think that it would be very similar. We need more private jets and this one is so different compared to all of the other small jets.

Why the mustang? There’s so many other jet

Exclusive Features

N1? What’s that! Never worry about overworking the engines. The engines are all monitored by a computer so you can’t go over 100% N1. No matter what!

Easy power settings! Since everything is all done by a computer the plane automatically sets takeoff, cruise, climb power. If you tell it to. I think this could be simulated because it is simulated in X-Plane 11

G1000 Cockpit! The mustang has a nice G1000 cockpit which will be a live cockpit. It has 3 screens. (Very similar to TBM 930 cockpit in IF)

Best in class takeoff and landing distance. The plane only requires 3,110ft to takeoff and only 2,380ft to land. This makes it so you can land at almost any airport.

De-Icing capability’s. Since IF is about to add clouds, ice simulation must come soon. Ice is not problem for the Mustang. It uses bleed air and boots for de-icing. When using the bleed air you lose about 30% power so hopefully that would be simulated in the simulator.

FD shoes best climb pitch. The FD shows what your pitch should be to climb.

It’s so unique! There is no plane like the Mustang.

Why this over the Citation X or the Gulfstreams?

This plane has so many features listed above that no other private jets have. It is also very different than the Citation X and the Gulfstream Series. The planes I mentioned above are a lot bigger making them faster. The planes above are large business jets and they carry more than twice as many passengers compared to the Mustang. Those planes need an over mile runway and the Mustang only needs about 3,000ft.
Without a doubt the Mustang is better 🤣


Role: Business Jet
Origin: United States
First Flight: 23 April 2005
Introduction: 2006
Manufacture: Cessna
Status: Production Completed
Produced: 2006-2017
Aircraft Built: 479
Cost: 3.35 million USD 2015
Range: 1,167nm
Max Speed: Mach.63
Cruise Speed: 340kts
Service Ceiling: 41,000ft
Takeoff Distance: 3,110ft
Landing Distance: 2,380ft
Climb Rate 3,000fpm
Climb Speed 170kts
Avionics: Garmin 1000
Crew: 1 or 2 pilots
Capacity: 4 or 5 passengers (not including crew)
Length: 40ft 7in
Wingspan: 43ft 2in
Height: 13ft 5in
Empty Weight: 5600lbs
Useful Load: 3130lbs
Max Takeoff Weight: 8645lbs
Powerplant: 2x Pratt & Whitney Canada PW615F turbofans, 1460 lb thrust (6.49 kN) each
Data from Cessna
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I support this


Although the photo is cool, could you show a photo that provides a view of the whole aircraft?


This seems a little slow to me compared to other jets of a comparable size🤔

It’s not that slow. The gulf streams and the Citation X are a lot bigger and can hold about 15 people instead of 5

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Back in mid-July, when I was taxiing back to my FBO after a flight from OXC-ISP in the Cessna 172, I saw one of these depart. Nice aircraft 👍

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Very Nice feature request!

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Awww the plane photo looks so cute

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Yea it’s a beautiful plane

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I would love to fly that plane in IF how do I vote?

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Done I voted. Your profile picture of your dog is cute

Thank you!

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I love this small, cute jet. Really suitable for the GA fleet. This will be really nice to fly around between two busy cities.

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Yea it’s a nice plane


It seems like a good idea. I’ll vote for it.


Thank you @Lil_Qaz


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