Cessna Citation Mustang

Jet, Small, holds about 2-4 people. Fills the gap between the C172 and the Citation X.


This is a fantastic idea! I want it!

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@Maxmustang would certainly love it 🤔

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@Captain_DJ… Pic or concept drawing pls? Max Sends

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No pics in features…


@AR_AR… “Max Sez”. Revolutionary it even has a toilet! 4 Pax, Just think no more soda cans & plastic bags!!! Cessna leads the way…


I know, so many features.

When you want to use the bathroom , you have to put up a curtain. Second of all, it goes into a holding tank at the rear of the plane, and it operates with that “blue juice”

But, the lavatory is placed opposite to the door. If I owned one, I’d move it to the rear, and place a thin wall, and as a door agent, I would use a black curtain. Also fit it with a sink. Hygiene First!

I would also replace where the Lavatory normally went with seats.

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@Captain_DJ. “Max Sez”; “Blue Juice” tell me about it! After I retired from the military I got a job as a Ramp Dog for a major at DCA just so I could breathe burning JP fumes in the morn. First day duty the Lav service unit and a welcome aboard “Blue Juice” bath… Tell me about Lav’s… And the blue mark of the beast that lingers for weeks…LOL


Great idea.just what I wanted it could properly land at class delta airports

Really like this plane!

This will be really nice!

Here is a picture of the famed airplane. It’s even good for single pilot use!

Credits: Eric Van Gilder

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