Cessna Citation ll

picture by: Cessna Citation II - Wikipedia

Reason for adding this aircraft: Its simple! With the most recent release of a GA plane, its time to add another jet! We only have one private jet in the game! These beautiful jets most land at my home airport of KISP and would be a fantastic feature in Infintie Flight

Hello, please make sure that you credit your photo using a link.
I also recommend summarizing the information that you got from Wikipedia into your own words. This makes it more personal. A brief reasoning on why you would like to see it in the game may encourage others to vote. Thanks, and have a good one! :)

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Bumping this 🙂

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Love to see more vintage private jets, not only vintage airliners and fighters.
I love to see the Cessna Citation II as well as we currently have the Cessna Citation X, which is the only private jet available in Infinite Flight.