Cessna Citation Hemisphere

I think we need more business jets in the sim and the Hemisphere would be a perfect fit.

Source: http://cessna.txtav.com/en/citation/hemisphere

Woaw ! This jet looks like the Learjets

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The plane is not even scheduled to fly until 2019…

I don’t think there would be very good documentation and resources to use if they were to make this since it was just announced in 2015.

Although I agree we need more business jets, maybe something like the Citation Latitude would be a better request.


This is a really nice version of the Citation! I thought the regular Citation was a little too short for my taste, but this version is perfect. This has my (non-existent because I used all my votes already) vote!


Citation XLS would be better. Since we already have the Citation X, I’d rather see a Gulfstream, a Dassualt Falcon or am Embraer Phenom first.

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Hint Hint: Cessna Citation Mustang ;)

This does look sweet as, and although it isn’t out yet, we got the Boeing 787-10 about 6 months before it actually rolled out of the production line. When I get the votes, I will vote a ‘yes!’.

All Citations would be great in IF, get those trash haulers out of the skies and fill them with Business Jets and General Aviation!


Well one can assume that there was a sizeable amount of flight data on it 6 months before production opening, so that’s why we got it. However by the looks of things, the Hemisphere hasn’t got much flight data yet.

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I am just going to say, Thank you. Finally someone speaks the same language as me. lol


I’ve been speaking that language for as long as Maxmustang has called trolls “Peanuts”. lol.

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Yep, really nice plane and nice request. Bombardier Challenger 300/600 is missing too ;)

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I would just like to point out that I first coined the term ‘peanuts’ to MaxMustang over 2 years ago on my old account! I see it has since taken off. I’m like that ‘other guy’ who invented Facebook that no one knows about…

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Omg very nice looking

Beautiful as always, Cessna! As soon as the flight test data is released I’ll get a vote out for this 👍🏻

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Thanks bro yes count me in the vote