Cessna Citation Family

Infinite flight has been working on lots of airliners and I would like to see some citations. Just a thought.

There already is a Cessna Citation X in 10 liveries.

I know but we need the citation M2 and longitude.

In my opinion, although the Cessna Citation is a large and famous/recognizable brand, it would be more interesting to have a wider variety of aircraft types instead of adding more and more variants of an aircraft type.

For example, Gulfstream and Dassault have very established business jet lines, but they are not represented in any way in Infinite Flight.


I agree with gulfstream but we do at least Ned a Cessna citation M2

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Truth be told there @Boeing707 not everyone likes the well known, popular planes and if our only Biz-Jet is a Citation why add another Citation? Why not add something unique (like the tri jet Dassault as you suggested, and its not even like the Dassault isn’t popular, it’s been around so long some people, like myself, would describe it as iconic.)

Good point. I’m leaning toward getting a Beechcraft

It would be redundant to add a second Citation. It is caterig to say 1/3 of the biz jet fanbase. In order to get in good terms with a high % of the pilots, you need to cater to all of the interests, Dassault coukd be one.

After watching a Dassault trijet land in front of me, I knew I found my plane/biz jet

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Oh @Rotate with your brilliant memory😄

I can change my mind when I feel like it.

That was my fitst enouncter with the Dassault that didn’r occur over the internet so I didn’t have much basis to make that statement off of besides the renderings and photos the manufacturers take (Which could be done better while on the topic).