Cessna Caravan

Why does most Cessna Caravans have a part under the plane and what is it used for? And why does the Iraqi Air Force one not have it?


Hey Joshua,

That part you see is a cargo pod. Most charter/cargo companies use this pod for additional space if the cabin cargo hold is full. Other bulky items can also be placed here if you do not want your passengers to be bombarded by the cargo you’re carrying. The Iraqi Air Force livery doesn’t have this pod due to the fact that they likely don’t have a use for it. The cargo pod itself does have weight. If they’re looking to keep their aircraft light, they likely won’t add something onto an aircraft for which they don’t plan on using.



Interestingly the Iraqi Air Force operate a Cessna 208 variant called the AC-208, that is equipped with Hellfire Missiles, they use them to combat insurgents in the Anbar providence of Iraq 🤔😂

these also do not have the belly cargo pods


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You mean… This?

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Yup that’s it XD

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