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Hello everyone! Today I come to you with a pretty cool request, or at least I think it is. You may know, but you might not, but when flying a Cessna, most people use the callsign “Cessna ***”. They use the word Cessna, then the last 3 characters of their tail number. This would be a great callsign addition to Infinite Flight! Please vote if you would like to see this!


This actually happens mainly in the US. Everywhere else, you just use the registration as the callsign.

In the US too, a lot of the time, controllers will often refer to you as “November *****” or “November ***” as the registration for US aircraft starts with the letter N.

In my country it’s VT-*** (Victor Tango), often abbreviated to “Victor-**” by controllers.

So it’s not a universal thing.


This is because registration for light aircraft in the US start with N-****

I don’t think they would add this feature as it’s not a universal type of deal. Different countries use different callsigns so that would be very hard. We already have a General Aviation section under the callsign tab where you can select your country and should work just fine. I’m still not sure of what you’re requesting though, mind explaining it to me?

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@AviationChampion, Let’s say your registration is: N735ND

Often times, pilots (and sometimes controllers) in the US will say something along the lines of Cessna 735ND (or Cessna 5ND) instead of N735ND

I believe the reasoning for this is to identify the type of aircraft to other pilots/controllers so they know what to look for and to prevent issues with “similar callsigns”

(Example: N753DD and N735ND is much easier to get confused than Piper 753DD and Cessna 735ND)

The op is requesting a Cessna identifier/callsign to be able to simulate this in IF

Cool idea @deakin_pope, but I don’t have a spare vote 🥲


It’s not exactly a callsign. It’s just the pilot/controller stating the make or model of their aircraft attached to the tail number when they speak on the radios. Very common for pilots/controllers to do that I’ve noticed. Happens with aircraft ranging from small Cessna’s to large business jets such as Citations and Gulfstream.

You’ll hear Cessna 123B or Citation 456C as an example. As for outside of the US I can’t speak to it’s common use. But a valid feature request. 🙂


My flight school uses Skyhawk then the tail number without the N

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Thanks for all the feedback everyone! Much appreciated! I didnt know it wasn’t used outside of the US. But now that I do, I understand!!

Yes thats exactly it!

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Perhaps this could be something that would be included in a future ability to customize the text-to-speech radio chatter? Would have to see Tyler’s thoughts on whether it would qualify or not. Might be a little hard to link/limit it to when a user is only flying an actual GA aircraft though.

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