Cessna C680A Citation Latitude

The Citation Latitude had its first flight in 2014 and is the number 1 best-selling midsize business jet.
Designed for luxurios comfort, the Latitudes characteristics are perfect as an Air Ambulance aswell, with a cabin height of six feet and a large cabin cross section.

Babcock Scandinavian AirAmbulance, my photo


Range (4 passengers): 2700 nm/5000 km You can fly nonstop from Los Angeles to New York or Geneva to Dubai.
Max passengers: 9
MTOW: 30,800 lb/13971 kg
Fuel capacity: 11394 lb/5168 kg
Takeoff field length: 3580 ft/1100 m
Landing field length: 2480 ft/756 m
It has short takeoff requirements and good hot and high performance


Max. speed: M .80 (5–6 hours at Mach 0.72–0.76 for a 2,000–2,400 nm range)
Service ceiling: 45,000 ft
Rate of climb: 2313 ft/min (to FL370)


Garmin G5000


NetJets (Largest operator)
Babcock Scandinavian AirAmbulance