Cessna C208 rotor bug

I haven’t seen a similar report so I am gonna report what I found:

When the engine is turned off, the rotor sometimes has the spinning animation when in free cam anyways. The animation is more of a freeze-frame and no sound is played as well. It shows on your own aircraft and on other C208s as well. If you move the free cam to a certain view angle, this disappears and the rotor is shown fixed again.


Moved by a few degrees:


Good point, I also noticed this actually.

I believe that this is a constant speed prop because in real life the Cessna 208 has a constant speed propeller which can be adjusted by the pilots the TBM 930 and the king air also have this so this might be infinite flight trying to do that

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I think in real life some propeller’s are offset to the right usually. This should probably help

Unable to reproduce this issue… interesting

Samsung tablet running Android 11, Infinite flight 22.01.01

The OP is not referencing the angle of the propeller, but the spinning propeller animation even with the engine off

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Yep that’s my problem

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I was just able to reproduce this bug, albeit from a slightly different angle

Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 on Android 11, infinite flight version 22.01.01

Been like this since day one of global. Yall are only noticing it now since Mokulele is the first livery to be added to the C208 since launch and most are noticing this more so now as its not a common plane flown by those in Infinite Flight. 🙂


To be fair, the realistic passenger livery options on it are very limited and hence I never really felt like I could replicate a flight

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