Cessna C208 guide

This guide was done to help people use this GA aircraft.
All this was taken from the POH for this aircraft.

Cessna C208.

Weight: 2982kg/7000lbs (Normal on the Weight settings).

Maneuvering speed at 7000lbs: 130kts.

Maximum operating speed: 175kts.

Maximum flap speeds:

Flaps 30° operating speeds: 50kts-125kts.

Flaps: 20°.
Trim: 20%.
Rotate: 70kts.

Stall speed w/flaps 30°: 61kts.

Approach speed (w/flaps 30°): 80kts

Approach trim (w/flaps 30°):17%.

Flare: 10ft.
Idle when all the wheels are on the ground.

Comment if you found this useful. Any constructive criticism is welcome.
Have fun flying it.


I’m loving this. 😍😍

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Let’s see if we can rail people into asking for more GA instead of jetliners. Except the Concorde.


Concorde is the only exception. But apart from that, yes more GA Aircraft. 😊



And classic fighters.

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Thanks, sir! Need more focus on GA for sure!

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Anyway to put this in a PDF? Someone else created something like this for the 175 so I might start a collection and let people ask me fore specific POH for different aircraft

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I’ll try that later.

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